CDI Pte Ltd was established in 2020 by Alexei Lapkin, Jana Weber and Zhen Guo. It is a spin out from Cambridge Centre for Advanced Research and Education in Singapore (CARES Ltd). The company is developing customer-focused software tools for deep exploration of chemical data. The core tool of CDI is CDI-CASP (computer assisted synthesis planning). It is a workbench for synthetic and process chemists to explore options for single- or multi-step synthesis planning. This task can be performed as retrosynthesis (make me this molecule), forward synthesis (what can we make from this reactant), and while exploring alternative starting materials, for example switching to bio-based feedstocks or carbon dioxide as a starting material. CDI-CASP tool enumerates synthetic plans metrics (overall yield, overall environmental impact, etc) and provides a ranked list of possible routes as an output.

As well as CDI-CASP software, the company is undertaking contract R&D in the area of developing data-driven models for chemical products design, for identification of specific new chemical transformations, and developing software tools that are based on customer owned data.

Our Vision

A more sustainable and smarter chemical industry informed by chemical data intelligence.

Our Mission

We deliver research-based solutions informed by centuries of chemical data. Aggregated and exploited the right way, chemical data intelligence identifies more sustainable solutions for our clients.

What we do

We propose solutions for the valorisation of bio-feedstocks/ bio-waste, a circular use of molecules, and further sustainability challenges in early-stages reaction planning. What sustainability challenges does your process face? What are the most promising feedstock and reaction alternatives? We develop tools based on Big Data in chemistry, chemical data intelligence, to answer your questions.